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About Us

Zhongshan Tianmei Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd locates in Huangpu town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province.We specialized in developing, producing and selling range hood more than 11 years. Our production capacity is more than 1500,000 pcs range hood based on self-owned land workshop and excellent equipment.We have professional lab which already certified by TUV. The lab can meet worldwide testing requirements from our customer and ensure the internal quality control.We would like to work close with our customer to achieve a better future. 

Tianmei, professional, dedicated, concentrative for you!

Our History

  • 1993
    Tianmei was founded in Yiwu Zhejiang province, 1993. At the beginning, we only produce gas stove, and sell in the area close to Zhejiang. At that time, we only have 10 workers, can produce 60 thousand stoves per year.
  • 2000
    As long as the production of stove goes, we found the limitation of the spare parts supplying and the selling in Zhejiang is becoming more and more distinct. Hence, we move everything to Shunde where have better environment and supplying chain. Business in Shunde, means business for all China.
  • 2002
    In order to increase our production capacity, we build 2 new workshop in 2002, and also involve the business of producing glass and punching metal parts, so we can use the spare parts which are produced by ourselves. In this time, we have about 100 workers and have workshop of 15000m2, can produce 450 thousand stove per year. We are almost the leading factory in Dacen district.
  • 2008
    In 2008, the stove business competition in domestic China market is very fierce. We decide to invest a new project of producing rang hood for exporting. Producing the exporting range hood we can have bigger market, we can have business all over the world.
  • 2011
    The developing the range hood project is very slow and tough at the beginning due to the stove business is still there and cost us too much energy and time. In 2011, we decide to move our factory to Dayan district, and finally decide to cancel the stove business and focus only on range hood project, meanwhile we increase the investment on range hood and spend more time and money on new range hood development.
  • 2013
    The marketing requirement is changing all the time, in 2013, the original lot of models can not meet the quality requirement, what we can only do is to make another change. We rebuild our company culture, change our management way, abandon the wrong working methods; we get rid of around 800 sets of old design mould once for all, which cost us around 200 million dollars. We invest another 200 million dollars to develop all brand new mould to upgrade our product range in order to have better quality products to the market.
  • 2016
    Experiencing 23 years of developing the factory, after 5 times good chance of enlarging selling pass away, bearing 3 years of changing everything. We come to year 2016, which our products are accepted by our customers, real shipment quantity of 300 thousand pieces range hood, factory have capacity of producing 500 thousand hood per year.
  • 2022
    In 2013, we rebuild our punching workshop, and buy new instruments.
    In 2014, we open new spare parts assembling lines, all spare parts assembled individually.
    In 2015, we open new finish products assembling lines, have 250 workers in the factory
    In 2016, we establish professional lab, buy all instrument to be qualified to do the ERP energy level testing
    In 2017, We fully promote automated production for metal punching
    In 2018,We produced 900K pieces range hood in the whole year which is 40% increasing compared with 2017.

    In 2022,We produced 2.3million range hood,which is No.1 export range hood producer in China.

    In 2023,We will move to the new factory,which is 150K square meters;Bigger area,more to image and accomplish......
  • Next
    From now to future, we will always remember where we come from ,and what we are about to do and to be.

    Which is Thinking about range hood,it is Tianmei.

    We are in the future,we are creating future,and we are the future

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