What is the reason for the failure of the key switch?
      Cause analysis and treatment: if the key switch can be locked by pressing the piano key, and the motor cannot be started by pressing each gear, the public connection will be broken, found out and re welded; if the motor cannot be operated by pressing one gear, and the other gear is normal, it indicates that only the contact of the out of control gear is damaged or the split connection is broken, the contact and connection should be repaired; If the motor can operate by pressing the piano key switch, and the piano key cannot be locked after releasing, mainly because the conductive spring in the switch is deformed and cannot contact with the conductive sheet, or the switch spring sheet is displaced or falls off, the spring sheet shall be adjusted or a new switch shall be replaced; if both gears of the piano key switch are locked, it means that the interlock spring is squeezed, deformed and displaced, and the interlock spring shall be adjusted and repaired.
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